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Advice for pairing a Ritchey Adjustable Stem with a Carbon Fiber flat bar handlebar
Title says it all -- seeking advice regarding pairing up a Ritchey Adjustable Stem with a Carbon Fiber flatbar.

The flatbar can be found here:

I have read some horror stories regarding carbon fiber handlebars (and parts in general), and I know that the Ritchey documentation seems to indicate that you should always use something that is "carbon compatible", of which the manual for the Ritchey Adjustable Stem does not really specify compatibility either way.

What is your experience with carbon flatbars?
I have to ask why you want a carbon bar. Weight savings? If so, you're pairing a pretty heavy stem with a bar that it only a little lighter than a nice aluminum or cromoly bar. If you figure out what stem size you want and get a non-adjustable one that size, you'll save way more weight than a super light bar.

I'm not anti-carbon. But unless you have a good, specific reason for it, it is costlier and less dependable in general than metal parts.
Make sure that you have a really good precision torque wrench.  Similar to this one:

A heavy duty torque wrench like used for BB does not cut it on a carbon frame.
Thanks.  As I just said in my other thread about the seatpost, I cancelled the purchase of the carbon fiber frame bike.  Too many potential issues that I am not comfortable dealing with.

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