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6 speed to 5 speed
Ok, so I got a beater bike. It had a rusty 6 speed freewheel with friction shifters, I got a good deal on a new Shimano 5 speed freewheel. The current chain is working alright, but its rusty. What chain do you recommend? Also, I would like to get a SRAM MRX Comp 5 speed shifter, what derailer would be good? Any Shimano?

I'd recommend the KMC Z-51 chain for your setup.
As for the derailleur, you can get inexpensive (~$15) shimano derailleurs that work great, but I can't find a link off-hand. I'll keep looking and get back to you here...
Thanks Alex. My LBS has a bargain bin with several Shimano derailleurs for $15 and below. MRX Comp shifters are indexed right?
Thanks again! Your site is awesome. The bike I acquired was really rusty and broken, your tutorials helped me fix it up. Took it for about a 2 mile ride today, very nice. Thanks!

Yes, the MRX shifters are indexed...
I'm really glad to hear you're finding these tutorials helpful!


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