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Thin tyre with wide rim?
Hi guys

I have just fitted a 700 x 23c tyre to a rather wide rim with an inner width of 18mm. Can anyone tell me the possible issues I may encounter with such a combination?

Thank you
An outside rim width of 18mm should take most 23c tires. No real concern there. run pressure towards the max. end. watch for potholes as you would with any road tire.
In your case if the tire beads up fine try it out it should be fine though at the max width. I would go with 25c as the smallest tire for your rims next time
There are two kinds of people in the world, "Those who help themselves to people, and those who help people!"
Should not be a problem.  Velocity's A23 is that size and intended for 23mm wide tires.
Hi guys

Thank you for the replies but my outside rim width is 24mm. It is my inner rim width that's 18/19mm. I have read that a 23mm tyre is too thin to be used with an outside rim width of 24mm. What are the potential issues I may face?

Thank you
total max for that tire, if it beads up and stays at max pressure you will probably be fine. If not, go with a 25 or 28c even better.
There are two kinds of people in the world, "Those who help themselves to people, and those who help people!"

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