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I need advice on a maintenance issue.

Ok, I am not a novice rider, but not a hard core rider either.  Normally I have had someone nearby that could or would help with minor maintenance over the years, so I know nothing.

The bike is essentially new.  Due to military obligations it was ridden a couple of times after purchase and then packed, stored, shipped, stored again and then packed and shipped again (purchased in '11).  I am now in Saudi Arabia and want to ride it around the compound to and from work/store.  

I had the tubes replaced since the ones that came with the bike were German and I could not find the adaptor required.  The pedals are on ok, the handle bars tightened and the brakes all work.  But, when I ride, and even when coasting or walking the bike, there is a hefty whine.  It is more than a whistle as it is deeper in sound quality, but it is not a hum since there is no vibration quality to it.  

Since the bike has mainly been sitting, I thought perhaps it needs lubrication.  I do not know if I can source a proper lube here.  I am female and cannot drive off compound, our on-compound support store is very limited.  If someone thinks lube is the way to fix this, or the first approach, please suggest a source or brand I can find online.

And, yes, it is HOT here.  Only here a month so far, but warm is not the way to describe it. ;-)

I am also looking for a good pop-up type shelter for the bike to help with the sand storms.  Suggestions?

(Gutgenug means good enough in Deutsche, pronounced Goot Gen OOg)

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