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A different wheel noise question
I have 2008 Diamondback Kalamar – I know, I’m cheap – with about 3 months and 450 miles on it. The last couple of weeks I’ve noticed an intermittent fat-toned squeak, almost a honk, coming from the front wheel hub when a) I’m walking the bike and, more and more, when riding. It’s not so regular that you’d think it’s absolutely timed to each rotation of the wheel. It’s a quick-release wheel.
I’m a total novice at this. Can anyone suggest what might be causing the problem and how I can solve it? Even just ideas for what to do, where to lubricate with what lubricant.
Here are wheel and frame/fork specs:
~ Hubs Alloy QR
~ Rims R-1000, 32-hole
~ Tires 700 x 40c Kenda Cross
~ Frame Construction TIG-welded
~ Frame Tubing Material 6061-T6 aluminum
~ Fork Brand & Model Hi-Ten Remington
~ Fork Material Steel, unicrown crown

I'd crack open the hub and take a look. It sounds like it's most likely a problem with your wheel bearings.


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