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Started my 10 speed to 3 speed hub conversion from 27" to 26" wheels.
The rear wheels seems to fit fine. The spacing was perfect. Both wheels are off of  different Raleighs. The  rear brakes need changing. The bent 27" forks are being replaced with 26" forks. I serviced the bottom bracket and put a single chain drive and new peddles on as well. I think it will work but until it's finished, you never know for sure. There will be 4 or 5 pics. Will change the drop bars to flat bars, put a comfort seat on and see where it goes from there. If anyone has any advice I am interested in hearing it.
[Image: IMG_00002766_zpsxepe00r0.jpg~original]
[Image: IMG_00002765_zpshshxfud6.jpg~original]
[Image: IMG_00002767_zpsjvdu92ke.jpg~original]
[Image: IMG_00002769_zpskuy1gwqu.jpg~original]
[Image: IMG_00002770_zpsiecuscvs.jpg~original]
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