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Rear Brake lever won't pull
I squeeze and squeeze on the rear (LHS) brake lever - it won't budge! I feel I am going to snap it. Any advice? I have tried WD40 - hasn't worked. Allen key holes looked worn down, so I doubt I can ever restore this bike. Shame really. I love it - 1980's Raleigh Pioneer commuter style and so much lighter than my 20 year old mountain bike.
Oh, and I am such a newb to bike mechanics...
Many thanks,

Try pushing your brake arms together to make the pads touch the rim. If they don't then you'll know the brake itself is seized. If the brake moves freely then I'm guessing it's a problem with the cable. You could try lubing the cables to get it working, but if it isn't moving at all then the cable is likely seized and you should replace both the inner cable and housing.


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