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ISIS Bottom Bracket Repair Question
I was wondering whether the bottom bracket tutorial for the cup and cone type bottom bracket applies generally to other bottom brackets, such as the ISIS bottom bracket?

I think I have the ISIS bottom bracket, though I am not certain. I am uploading a picture of a bottom bracket that is similar to the one I have.

This style is more similar to the cartridge bb tutorial.

You state on your tutorial to remove the driveside lockring first. Some others say to remove the non-drive side lockring first. Does it matter?
Also, is there any maintenance (i.e., greasing, etc.) associated with the above pictured type of bottom bracket? Or is it one of those things that you use it until it busts and get a new one.

On ISIS bottom brackets you should remove the non-drive side first.
The bearings are sealed, so you'll have to replace them if they're damaged. This PDF file details how to replace them.

Sorry to keep this thread going. Your tutorial makes it look so easy! I am attempting to remove this bottom bracket and, following your instructions, starting with the non-drive side first. Its not working. I am using an incredible amount of force to remove the lock ring on that non-drive side first and its not budging. I am attempting to turn it counterclock-wise, understanding that the drive side is reverse threaded and would go the other way. Any thoughts? Its a new bike (just about 3 years old) and am using a lot of liquid wrench to help. Thanks again.

The non-drive side on ISIS bottom brackets has a regular thread, so it should be removed by turning counter-clockwise. The drive side has a reverse thread and should be turned clockwise to remove.

Yo Alex, Sorry: you can disregard that prior post. I went to sears and bought a nice craftsman wrench and that did the job. These cheap park tool wrenches leave a lot to be desired.

I have a similar bottom bracket and am having a problem removing it. I took the lockring completely off on the non-drive side. Unlike the non-drive side, the drive side lockring losens but does not come out. Is the lockring supposed to come off entirely on the drive side as well? if not, how do you take out the bottom bracket? I can't seem to pull out the bottom bracket: it seems like its stuck. Any ideas?


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