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3 flats in a row/hole next to Presta valve
I pulled my bike out from a winter hiatus and got a flat on my first ride.  The hole was right next to the valve.  I bought two more tubes, did a change, went on a ride and got a flat in the same spot within ten minutes.  I replaced it with the 2nd tube and the same thing happened within 10 minutes again, in the same spot.    See photo to see where the hole is appearing.  Also the 2nd photo shows how the rim strip appears to have shifted to the side.  Would that be shifting and rubbing the damaged area?  Are those things supposed to be glued down and not shifting?  I suspected that maybe I was tightening the nut too much and was careful on the last tube but it happened again.  Any advice?
[Image: IMG_6668.jpg]
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I also wanted to add this image of the 2nd flat.
[Image: IMG_6670.jpg]
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are you using presta tubes and your rim is drilled for schrader?
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No I wasn't.

I think I wasn't filling it up with enough air. I went to a bike shop and he filled it up much more than I have been and I didn't have a problem after that.

Thanks for the reply though.

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