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Cannondale BadBoy Replacement Sealed Bearings
I'm refurbishing my Cannondale:

I'm trying to replace the bearings from the headset, but am finding it difficult to get the right size. They are 30mm (inside diameter) X 44mm (outside diameter).

Regarding the angle, I'm not sure as I don't have a clear way to measure.

I contacted Cannondale and they said:

"Looking at the link you supplied this appears to be a generic 1 1/8” external headset. Cannondale do not offer these but your local bike shop should be able to get one for you from a different brand".

I asked my local bike shop, who spent a lot of time measuring & eventually pointed me toward a pair of bearings I bought online. But when they got here they were to small on the outside diameter.

Any ideas appreciated.
Replacement caged bearings are hard to find. You can always go with loose bearings. Get to use more bearings. Just grease well to keep them in place while you work and reassemble. Measure your bearings for fit, usually 3/16" and 1/4". Local bike shop or hardware store should have them.
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