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Mavic hub service
Hi everyone,

Recently I had some trouble with my freehub. As my local bikes shops are reluctant to fix my bike, because of being a b'twin (it's my work bike), I tried fixing the problem myself.

Now, servicing my freehub and bearings wasn't much of a problem. En passent I also installed a fresh cassette and chain. Plenty of information on that online.

The problems are now in trying to reinstall the wheel in the brackets of the frame. It's noticably more difficult to get them in the way they should, even now it feels like it just needs that little extra push to get all the way into the brackets but it just won't give. This hasn't been a problem in the past.

There is a lot I don't get about the nuts and bolt on the drive and non drive side of the hub. I kinda get how they interplay with eachother but not what I'm really supposed to do with them. Do I need to tighten everything way up? But then my freebody won't be able to move (I think).

The wheel won't really 'freespin' like before now. Does this mean I have to tighten all the bolt way up so the axle has more 'room' to spin? i'm happy to supply pictures if neccesary.

Anyone who could help me solve this, I'd really appreciated it. Anything not to give the local bike shop the pleasure of eying my b'twin like it's a piece of crap. (while it's in fact the best value for money bike I've ever had for my commute tot work)

Please excuse any typos as English is not my first language.

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