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DIY mobile phone mount
Does anyone know of any DIY projects for attaching a mobile phone to a bike? I want to use mine as a video camera on my bike. I've found loads for actual cameras but none for a mobile. The ones in the shops are kinda plastic cover things that don't allow me to use the camera function. Best wishes, Cheryl

I haven't seen anything like that myself, but maybe someone else has and can post a link here... I took a look around Google but couldn't find anything yet.

Here's the closest thing I found to a mobile phone mount for a bicycle. But I think it looks like it's just designed to be a holder more than something that would focus the camera lens and allow video. Maybe it can be a starting point for something DIY?

Why is it that they make adult bikes that'll generally work for 5'9" or above, yet when you pedal these same bikes they only work for someone who is 5'4" or so?
Thanks guys, I think my best bet is to try something with velcro maybe...

I had no idea that releasable zip ties were available. Think those may be the answer, along with a reflector mount.

There is a possible solution mentioned in this thread at Bicycles Network Australia. Not sure where you would get them in the states.
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Thanks Andrew. That looks fab. I'm in the UK but it certainly provides some inspiration.


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