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Schwinn Tricycle Restoration
I just recently purchased a 1977 Schwinn Tricycle and I have grand plans to restore and modify it.
I was hoping that someone may be able to point me in the right direction for finding information on servicing and restoring some of the more complex parts of this fine machine? (For instance an internal three speed hub and a center drive axle rear end with a working differential)

I am also hoping to find a way to remove the rear wheels so that I can have new modern rims laced onto the hollow hubs for some more modern wider road tires. At present moment I cannot tell if the pins that are holding them on are friction set or if they are actually threaded on and use a torx head.
Any advice and or direction etc that can be given will be most appreciated!
Sounds like a fun project! Is it possible for you to upload some photos to this page?

I plan to make some 3-speed hub tutorials. Sheldon has a page here, and Vin Vullo has a website and some videos on vintage bikes.
I don't know if this will help you or not, but I just posted a video that demonstrates how to remove rust.

Actually that does help a bit. The unfortunate part is I think the only chrome parts that I want to keep that need to be restored are the handle bars.

Keep the good info coming!
and thanks!
My son found an old Schwinn trike in our back yard and wants to repair it. It needs a new shift cable but I don't even know how the shifter even works.

Can someone please help explain it to me?
What kind of shift system does it have? Can you see a sprocket set and a derailleur, or is it all internal (big hub). You can upload photos here if you like...

It has a hub and what looks like an old pull chain from a light coming out of it that the cable attaches to.

That's a three speed hub (probably a Sturmey Archer?). I haven't done any tutorials on adjusting those yet, but Sheldon Brown has some good information about them here.


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