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Slipping gears (sometimes) under pressure
I purchased a new SWB recumbent and have been having a tough time adjusting a few gears. I've watched the rear derailleur video numerous times. Here is my problem:
If the bike is in the repair stand, I can run through all the gears, two up, one down and then two down, one up and everything works fine. I can do this when my front derailleur is in high, low or medium gear, however when I am in medium gear on the front derailleur and get to about the middle gears on the rear derailleur, while riding hard out on the road, the derailleur slips. This also happens when in the lowest gear on both derailleurs and I am ascending a steep hill.
I am somewhat at a loss. I have adjusted the H, L and B screws as indicated in the video. I have used the cable tension adjuster as indicated on the video. It works fine on the work bench, but not out on the road. What am I doing incorrectly or what else might I try?


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