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What is the difference between cable types?
Hey Alex, just wondering if you have a quick answer as to the difference between regular, lined, and SIS housings and what type of cable, regular vs teflon, and if any of these are required on certain derailleurs or shifters.
Thanks a lot, Franklin

Hi Franklin,
Regular housings (unlined):
This type is an old technology which I don't recommend. If you want to re-furbish a set of old un-lined cables it's a good idea to grease them to keep rust out and make them work better.
Lined brake housings:
These are coiled and have a plastic lining... great for brakes!
SIS (shift housing):
These are lined but not coiled. There are straight strands of metal along the inside all the way along, which help keep the cable from compressing. This is the only type of cable to use for shifting.
It's explained a little more in this video (at about 00:40):


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