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Shifting problems - new drivetrain
What do I need to adjust for my lower speeds on the middle chain ring. Gears 1-3 out of the nine want to jump gears slightly. My barrel adjusters have them shifting smoothly but in those particular gears they want to jump sprockets. I have a new chain, new outer and middle chain ring, and new cassette.

Hi Chuck,

It sounds like your derailleur hanger (where the derailleur screws into the frame) is slightly bent. This often happens when the bike falls over too hard onto the derailleur. I haven't covered this yet in a tutorial. It takes a special tool to align... so it's probably pretty cheap to get your local shop to fix it for you.

Park DAG-1
Let me know if that helps :-)

Update: Got a hanger alignment video done:
Thanks Alex. I was hoping that wasn't it... I will have it checked out.

You're right it was a cheap fix. They didn't charge me anything to adjust it. They said it was starting to wear out but not enough to put a new one on.


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