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What kind of suspension post do you have?
I have noticed on one of your bikes what looks like a frame / casting / or moulding.
The item I refer to is the section between the seat post and the seat. I presume this is so that the seat can be moved further forward, or rearward, than is normally possible.
One of the family needs to have the seat further back than can be adjusted and something like this would be a boon. Do you know of a supplier that would supply this item and ship to the UK?
Thanks for any help

Hi Roger,
Thanks for your question. The mechanism on my seatpost is actually just a suspension unit, but there is no adjustment for back and forth position. However, I see a lot of cycling sites on a daily basis so I'll keep my eye out for something to help you with your problem. Have you tried a laid-back seatpost? They used to make them for BMX freestyle bikes, but you'll likely need a shim to make it work.


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