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Brake calipers on a woman's bike
Hi, my wife's rear brake calipers snapped so I'm going to get her a new set and hopefully upgrade. The problem is, when I look around, most rear calipers are for a men's bike. What's the difference you ask?
A mens frame has a level frame so the brake cable comes from above the calipers. On a women's bike with the downward angled frame, the cable comes from below the calipers. The brake cable housing ends at the bottom of the brake, and the cable clamp is on top which is opposite from the men's bike.
I can't find any replacements for a women's bike anywhere. Rerouting the cable is difficult unless you have excess housing that is secured with cable ties (ugly).
Where can I find rear calipers for a women's bike, or what can I do?

Brompton make these for their bikes:-
But you would need to check that they would have the correct "reach".

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Most of the times I have seen this setup, they have simply swapped the two parts on the caliper. On many calipers you can unscrew the piece which holds the barrel adjuster where the housing ends and unscrew the cable clamp and re-install them in opposite positions. I doubt it is worth the expense for most companies to design custom calipers just for these frames.
I don't think all calipers are capable of this, but a lot should be. I'd go to a shop and look at their bikes and parts to spot a few models that do and then try to buy one of them online if the shop doesn't sell something that will work. CyclerUK is right about "reach". You should always check this when getting new calipers.

Alhonga do the type where you can swap the fittings over but generally are "single" pivot.
The more modern dual pivot usually don't have this feature but here is one that looks as if it might?
Again you would have to double check the reach.
I have seen a set up where the cable went up over a little pulley and then down to the brake caliper, but is quite fiddly.
Would work with "center pull" brakes

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Thanks for all of the responses. The reach is "long" or 57mm. I wondered about swapping the two parts, but it was never obvious to me that it could be done by most pictures online. I'll look into these replies though and see what's out there. Thanks again.


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