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Name that part!
Hi. I'm pretty much a complete newb with bikes, so please excuse me. I bought a cheap Huffy just to get around a bit, and I think I stripped the inside of this while I was riding one day.

What is this whole thing? A cassette? A freehub? I tried watching the turorial videos on removal but the thing in the red circle is still in there and doesn't seem to be on any tutorial videos I watched. How do I remove the thing in the red circle?


[Image: hubso.jpg]
On freehubs vs. freewheels take a look at
Basically it boils down to: do parts of what you show in the picture move against other parts in the picture? If yes: Freewheel. If no: Cassette.

Hard to tell from the picture. How many sprockets do you have (are there more than on the photo)? The splines look like it might be an old uniglide cassette (6 or 7spd in the rear). The rest looks like it may be a freewheel...
That is a "Falcon" freewheel.
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Thanks a lot! It seems I can just replace the whole thing for about $15. Now I just have to hope I don't strip it again. :)
This is pretty interesting as I just tried to remove one of these from a rear hub on a Roadmaster 15 speed and wouldn't ya know it my freewheel tool was too large for it to fit . One side has 04INDEXFREEWHEEL the other half has DNP LONG YIH CO There are 12 splines. Here are a couple pics. I really didn't know there where different size free wheel removal tools. But hey we live and learn Wink

P.S. Yes I took off the nut and spacer shown. Put it back on so I wouldn't lose them lol.
P.S.S. I just read on Parktool website and noticed there are 8 different types. Umm FR-1C for this one???
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
@Bill - Can't see too well from the photo, but if the splines on your freewheel look similar to the Falcon one above, the FR-1C should be the right one. The "standard" Shimano tool fits most off brand old freewheels.

@Mike - If you're trying to remove the ring with the two indents (inside the red circle) you actually need a pin spanner. But this is for taking the freewheel apart and a big piece will remain on the wheel. You probably don't want to try to open up and service a freewheel like this. Just remove and replace.
I have one on the way to get to this little critter hehehe.

Thanks again Dave
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
Dude I just had to answer you , late but is just that when someone ask a simple question, Is obvious you need an answer. You can take that washer out by hitting it right, its reverse threaded. I just did it now. Grab a hammer and a flat screwdriver and hit it rightly, it will come off.

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