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Old frame to new frame component transfer
My son's Giant 3-yr old frame just cracked. The good news is that, like a lot of other bike makers, Giant has a lifetime warranty on the frame so he will be getting a new frame. But the customer is responsible for transferring all the components from the old to the new frame. So my son and I are looking forward to that ambitious do-it-yourself project. My question is has anyone out there tackled this task and if so any lessons learned to share? Is there a preferred order, i.e., should we start with, say, the deraillers and then the drive train, and then the fork, brakes, wheels, etc?

Make a note of where everything goes. Put any nuts, bolts, washers, etc' in a tub for safe keeping. Or better if you fit nuts back on the screws if possible.

To Start:-
Undo the cables at the brake calipers and derailleurs. (just slacken the nuts and pull out the cable.)
Remove chain & derailleurs, front and back.
Remove brake calipers.
Remove chainset and bottom bracket. (you may need special tools depending an type of BB?)
Undo seatpost clamp and remove complete with saddle. (leave saddle clamped to post.)
Remove anything left on bike such as bottle cages etc.
Slacken the stem (rear bolts & "Star" cap if A-head type.) and remove complete with bars and cables etc.
Remove wheels.
Remove forks. Note which way up the headset bearings are positioned.
Remove headset bearing cups.

Assembly should be reverse order but if you think something is easier done another way then try it. Put some grease on the BB threads before fitting.

Tools = Metric Allen keys, chain tool, bottom bracket tool?

Depending on the headset type you may need to press the bearing cups into the head tube? If you are not sure of anything then check out the videos and repair guides on here.

"Sheldon Brown" & "Park Tool" websites also have an abundance of information.
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cyclerUK pretty much covered it. Only things I'd add are:

- chance that the seat post could be a different size on the new frame. If it doesn't go in smoothly or seems loose, may need a new post.
- small chance of issue with fitting the front derailleur. Again, if it seems to be the wrong size, proceed carefully
- grease just about every point where metal touches metal (seat post, stem to fork, pedals to cranks, bolts, etc. If it's a carbon frame, use carbon approved grease.
- good chance to inspect and replace cables, brake pads, tires, or anything else worn.

Have fun. This is a good way to get started on bike repair.
Thanks CyclerUK and DaveM - that's exactly the type of info I was looking for! With lots of help from Alex's videos on this web site, I've tackled such things as bottom bracket, chain, cassette, pedal, and stem replacements. With that experience under my belt, along with your advice and Alex's videos, I feel like we can do this.

thanks again!
Oh, and if you have a digital camera: Take pictures of things you take apart (e.g. head set), sometimes this can save you if you forgot to make a note of where things were supposed to go. This is my method of "remembering" where things go.

And definitely do what cycleUK suggested: as you take everything apart anyway, this is a good time to replace cables etc. and check everything for wear.

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