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Is there any format for matching a chainset with a rear cassette? I am renewing a number of parts on my GT Aggressor.

Will, for instance a Shimano M151 SIS triple chainset 48/38/28 match up with a Shimano HG50 7 Speed Cassette. 13 – 34 Teeth?

Advice please. Are there any other important details I should watch out for?

Generally you can use any Shimano chainset with any Shimano Cassette as long as you keep to parts that are meant for the same speed range. So if your chosen chainset is 8 speed then this will work with 7 speed (& 6) as it uses the same chain size.

But you would maybe have a problem with an 8 speed chainset on a 9 speed cassette as the chain is narrower.

If the chainset is a different size (more or less teeth on the big ring) then you may have to change the front derailleur to match?

The only other problem that I could think of is you may need to change the bottom bracket if the chainset has a different chainline

Your rear derailleur will have to be one from the mountain bike range to accept the 34 tooth cassette and long arm to account for the triple chainset.

Overall I wouldn't expect any significant problems.
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