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Campy to Shimano
I've got a bike with Campy Veloce components. Its taken its fair share of abuse the past 3 years, so I've decided to give her a full overhaul. I've got some knocking in the BB, so that is the 1st place I'm starting, as well as considering changing from the Campy to shimano (probably 105), components. First, and primary question: Am i able to do this, or may there be something unique to the BB shell that may prevent me from doing a full swap out of the whole transmission, BB, cranks and all?
As long as you compare the measurements to the Shimano parts, there website ( has decent detailed specs. for what you may need.
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The threads of the BB should be the same, The most important measurements when replacing the BB (except for the threading) are the width and axle length. The axle length is fixed by the choosing a crankset, the width is that of the bottom bracket shell (the part of the frame). Other than that, I'd expect no problems. You will have to replace the freehub body of your rear wheel, though. Campa and Shimano cassettes are not compatible.
If you are fitting both the BB and chainset with all Shimano components then you should have no problems. Check to make sure if it's either a "British" or "Italian" type. Italian BB's have a right hand thread both sides. British (generally the standard these days) has a left hand thread on the drive side (chain ring side). and a right hand thread on the left.

As mentioned by Joe:-
The main problem if you intend changing everything to Shimano are the rear cogs. They have slightly different spacing and also a Shimano cassette will not fit a Campag' freehub. This means you will have to change the rear wheel hub or buy a special cassette from someone like "Marchisio", but it will be at a price. Or buy a new set of wheels.
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Thanks guys. Basically what I'm reading is that it should be no problem, I just need to make sure I get a BB the right size for the shell. Also, the bit of info on the rear hub is helpful. Originally I was just gonna change out the drivetrain and handlebars (and shifter and brakes), looks like i'm gonna be learning about hubs too!!
If you choose a current 105 chainset then this will be "Hollowtech" and is different to the older styles.

This is not 105 but is the same technology:-
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