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Parts Interchangeable?
I have a '06 Norco 125 w/ DJ3's front shocks, Husselfelt crankset, front & rear disc brakes and sunrim s-type rims and I am wanting to change these parts to a new frame.

My younger brother just bought me a new Norco Wolverine Fall Line Series frame (serial # 01A0C1855) and I would like to install these parts onto the new frame. The frame is Brand New, but I think it is about 3 or 4 years old (not sure).

Is this possible?

We tried to change the forks and I think we need a different sized bearing set for the new frame. The crank looks a little different on each bike since the "125" has quite large hubs and the Wolverine does not. (We realised this once we tried to mount the peddal on the existing crank)

I have worked on bikes before, but nothing this complex. My step-dad is willing to help and knows pretty much what to do (except what we looked up on your site, very helpful)

Any ideas or things I should check first before making this attempt would be GREATLY appreciated.
Hello joeblogs,

First take measurements for comparison. Site of eye can be be deceptive as measurements and accuracy can be more precise. Definitely get your step fathers help before going into a lot of work. Not saying you can not do the work just helps to have a 2nd opinion. Over the years many companies like Ford changed part size so an older year would not cross reference on a newer model so one would always have to buy parts. As for any type of product companies always want to go cheaper or make things appear better then their older model, etc. I will save you the history lesson lol. Just make sure you measure things out before trying and "making" them work.
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
If the headset is a different size (bearing for the fork) you would need an adapter to use that fork on the new frame. And that assume the new frame is larger than the old. You might be able to get a new steerer for the fork in the right size, depends on the fork. Or you might need a new fork.

Most other things should be pretty compatible. I'm not sure what you mean by "quite large hubs". It's possible you would need a different length bottom bracket if the crank rubs on the frame, but I think that's unlikely. Front derailleurs sometimes mount differently. Can't think of anything else unless these are really odd frames.

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