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Bottom Bracket
I have a typical bb that i managed to cross thread on the left side. Is there any way to fix this? I hate to loose the frame.
Sorry to hear that, especially with an aluminum frame. If the threads aren't too badly damaged, your local bike shop may be able to run a bottom bracket tap through the frame to correct the threads. It may or may not work, but hopefully it does... that's a sweet ride and it would be a shame to lose the frame.
Thanks - I will start calling around to see if anybody even has one of those taps. Park wants about 5 bills for one.
There is absolutely NO reason to pay for a BB tap, unless you own a shop. If the threads aren't screwed up too badly, the shop may be able to fix it, but if not, there is the possibility of a machine shop/welder/fabrication shop. I had a friend that did exactly what you did, and he brought it to a welder that cut out the bottom bracket shell, and welded in a new one, and then tapped it for him. Now mind you, his frame cost $2500, so this was a cost he could justify. You frame isn't that expensive, and the cost at a welder might be about the same as a new frame.

But it doesn't hurt to ask.

Good luck.
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I think what Alex was getting at is showing what the LBS would use to do the actual tapping. Which would probably run oh $35-50USD (not sure on that) cheaper then the welder?
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
Oh sure, I get that. Definitely cheaper than the welder. It'll be at LEAST a couple hundred. But it all depends on what you are willing to pay. I just wanted to offer another option.Smile
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That IS a sweet bike. Sorry to hear about it. I have an LBS that was able to tap a bb for me once. They only charged me like $25 for it. Saved the frame.
If a shop can't re-tap the threads, you can get a "threadless bottom bracket" like this:
The first couple of shops did not have the tap. For thirty bucks I am going to try it - if they're not boogerd up too bad it'll be worth it. If not, then it looks like one of those threadless bb's.

Thanks for all the help!

P.s. That is my old frame that I am just making functional. I transferred all the good stuff to a 2006 stumpy fsr.
Any press fit bottom bracket that has the correct width and properly sized bearings can be used, like this one

Most press fit standards are called BB30, BB90, BB92, etc.

Shimano makes them, SRAM, if you want to go that route, its worth investigating. I have heard stories of people having to file down the threads of their bottom bracket shell, but that's no big deal.
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