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Rear derailure missing the 5th gear
hello friends

its been only a month i have got my hercules act 106 having shimano tourney shifter. my rear derailleur always is missing the 5th gear.. during riding when i look back and check it still stuck on the 4th gear while
down shift and on the 6th gear while up shift with abnormal tick tick
sound showing 5th gear on the if it is trying hard to get in the 5th one, it happens all the time.

sometimes the derailleur misses one gear less than what it shows on
the indicator .like when it shows no 1 the gear is still on the no 2 .
Check the adjustments for the cable (cable barrel adjuster) and "Hi" gear & "Lo" gear Stops.
See Alex's video:-
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Had the same problem with my Ryder 104, it is due to lack of cable tension.

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