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Where are you from and What is your favorite place to ride?
I envy you guys... I live in a highly urbanized metropolis with practically zero consideration for cyclists. I find riding in cemeteries to be the safest and most convenient venue in which to ride... peaceful, you know..
I'm from Wiltshire, UK love MTbikes and must be the oldest around here at 70. I make single track trails in our local forest other younger riders some times add jumps or bigger burms to these trails my stead at the moment is a Rocky Mountain for my off road fun and I mean fun only last weekend I did the Sarsen 50k off road ride in under 4 hours against steep and slippery dips and hills with fare old gall blowing.
Looks like I can't show you my bikes, as I also have my road race bike Claud as in Butler, it was saved from the tip by a good friend and with in a month I was in Paris with. Then there is my very old and heavy Dawes for local shopping or nipping down to the yard for working on.... bikes or relevant bike subjects like are Wobble weekend fun with bikes.
AS I'm new to this forum I must learn your ways, ta-ta for now.

Ha, just seen that you had a problem with images, and I never did like Photobucket, to slow and complicated. But thanks for trying Alex.

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