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Chain length
Ah. my first time so kinda nervous here.
Am new to diy repair and to bike shops too.
The new chain fitted recently by a shop too short, needs another link or 2 to reach all the cogs. It came from the shop with a joiner link, how do I add a section?
Can I use more than one joiner link on my chain?
Two links short is not uncommon.

From Good Ol' Sheldon Brown:
The best technique for setting chain length is to thread the chain onto the large/large combination, without running it through the rear derailer. Mesh the two ends on to the large chainwheel so that they could be connected (outer link meets inner link), then make the chain one complete link (one inch) longer than that. In almost all cases, this will give the optimum length.

The joiner link you're referring to is actually a master link, and no, don't add more master links. It will weaken the chain more than a master link already does. I am NOT a fan of chains with master links.

If you want to do it yourself, you'll have to get a chain tool, like this one, ,then watch this video

and either go back to the shop and get them to give you 2 more links, or buy another of the same chain, and use links off of that one. I would buy another chain, so you have LOTS of extra links.

Or if you don't want to do it yourself, go back to the shop and tell them you want two more links added. And don't let them charge you for it. You paid for every link they kept after shortening it, so you still own the links they kept. They SHOULD have given you the rest of the chain for this exact reason.
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Another way to check for chain length is to thread the chain through the rear derailer and on the small sprocket on back and the big chain ring on the front and bring the chain to meet and check to see that your rear derailer is at 6 0 clock if not add or take chain length out to make it. Wish i could post a pic of this its the best way I found on how to make sure my chain is the right length.
My dad always told me a Sledge a matic can fix any thing.

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