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Need a help with removing crank arm
well here is the problem.
I cant remove crank arm. I measured what kind of thread the crank arm have and it's M20 x 1.0
Does any body can tell me where can i find crank puller which has M20 x 1.0 on outside diameter.
or if you can tell me how i can remove it without puller.


i tried to use rubber hammer but it still didn't want to come out. it is old bicycle and i guess nobody ever tried to change it.
The shimano puller should work:

Have you tried any puller?
no I haven't try any puller. cuz i saw some of them on eBay but couldn't find description.
I have 1983 Motobecane Jubilee Sport
It may be the quality of the picture, but it doesn't look like there are any threads on the I.D. of the crank arm.

If there are threads in there, Alex is correct. A standard crank puller should work.

Good luck!Smile
Dedicated scholar of bicycles
well i took a picture using my phone. so believe me there is a thread.
Not a bad Bike at all. Definitely 1980's era, from the UK. There is mediocre information on the internet about them. I did read that some have swiss threading and some have french threading so be careful if you are getting into the Bottom Bracket.
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!

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