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Connecting Brakes - Refitting Front Wheel
I have just moved and the removalists took the front wheel of my Raleigh off which has 'released' the brake pads. In putting the wheel back in, I now need to make the brake pads clamp and I can see that the brake cable (covered in plastic) must have to sit in a little rectangular housing (that pivots about 200 degrees) but the plastic is too wide to fit into what looks like a guide for the cable. Not sure if I am meant to pull the plastic all the way back so the cable itself can fit into the guide. Any help appreciated
Hey there,
If I am right in my guessing of what you are explaining then you have V brakes. Try watching this tutorial and if I am wrong or it does not look right then let us know. Here is the Tutorial...

P.S. If you could take a picture and upload it that would be a help Smile
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!

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