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Front derailleur spring
What is the front derailleur spring supposed to be connected to? Mine is loose so there is no tension to move the derailleur back in toward the frame. The coiled spring ends in about a 1 inch hook but I do not see what it would hook on to.
Would need a photo to help you out.
here are some pics, a couple aren't the best. The red arrow is pointing at the hook I was talking about.

[Image: GD1N8l.jpg]

[Image: y2JIMl.jpg]

[Image: C8BTwl.jpg]

[Image: 7Mni1l.jpg]

ignore the wild shift cable and the height of the der.
It looks like it should ghook around the upper pivot of the outer arm, but it looks like something might be missing. I can't see what model it is, do you know? If so, we could compare it to a similar one if we can find a picture.
it is a Shimano Fd-Tz31 Tourney Bp 28.6 Trpl 48T Bk
I can't find a decent picture, but I'm fairly certain I'm right, if I'm not it won't do any harm and you'll be no worse of than you are now.

The spring should be in the position indicated below:
wow. that really sucks. there is no way I can get that spring back that far.

i'm taking it into the local bike shop.
Quote:there is no way I can get that spring back that far.

The springs in derailleurs are pretty strong, you will need some needle nose pliers, or something similar to get hold of it. How did it come off in the first place?

In any case, if the worst comes to the worst, the Tourney is line-up is one of Shimano's least expensive and should you need to buy one, a whole new front derailleur mechanism should cost no more than $10.00.
You could try making a loop out of strong string and pulling the spring into place. Or bend some stiff wire into a hook shape to pull with. Have a good look at the place where the spring goes and check that there is nothing missing.(such as a washer or retaining clip?)
I have never known a spring come off before.
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