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Best brake levers type for a bullhorn
Hello All,

I'm upgrading my old race bike that I'm using only in the city to commute between home and work with a chrome bullhorn handlebar.

I would tend to think that the best brake levers type would be crosstop levers. like those:

But there is also brake levers like those:
or the classical

What would you use keeping in mind that I only commute in city daily.


NB the new bar diameter would be approx 25.4mm.
The best one I see is the one you are looking at the 200tt they work good on bull horn handle bar
+1 on the 200tt (at least that style). They put the levers under your hands so you can brake quickly, have a longer lever for more leverage and control than the crosstop type, but don't use up bar space like traditional drop bar levers.
I like them. I will surely go for it.
Thanks for the input.


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