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Replacement parts for TREX shifter ( Shimano - Altus ST-CT20) right rear shifter
does anyone know where to get a replacement part for the Shimano Altus ST-CT20 Right shifter (6 speed)..

suggestions welcome!

I have a TREX 800 that I have not ridden in several years but when I did I truly enjoyed this bike.
It has been garaged but when I went to use it the rear gears were not working so I proceeded to look the bike over and determined it is the shifter.. so I took the shifter apart (Big Mistake).. what is needed was several good doses of WD40 to loosen the springs to engage the shifter.. What I did was break it (opps)

I can not seem to find any replacement part for this shifter.
Part Shimano Altus ST-CT20 Right Shifter (6 speed)

does anyone have any ideas short of re-gearing...
This is a custom sized frame (I am a giant) and I do not have the same kind of loot I did back in the day to go out and replace the entire bike. Any input is welcome.

Only thing I can think of is try to go to your LBS and see if they can help you on this matter. I know this is not much help. But your LBS should be able to get you going again.
My dad always told me a Sledge a matic can fix any thing.

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