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Grip Shifter question
Hi all,

New bike owner and have been working on getting everything in order and I noticed that my 7 speed grip shifter enjoys the higher speeds but does not like to stay in anything lower than 3 without shifting itself back up. Is there an adjustment anywhere I should be looking at for this or do I just hold the shifter in place to keep it in 1st or 2nd?

Thanks for helping a newbie with his question.
If this is a "new" bike, I'd take it back to the shop. That shouldn't be happening. If it's "new to you", there might be a problem with the shifter. It could be a problem with the derailleur adjustment, but sounds more like a shifter problem based on what you describe.
Hi Brain;

I concur that is most likely a shifter problem. If it is an older bike, the detent may have just worn out.

You did not mention the derailluer that your bike has. I recently installed a SRAM MRX 7 speed shifter with a Shimano TX-51 derailluer on one of my bikes. Works great and inexpensive. I purchased these items from Amazon. The shifter comes with a cable, but not the housing.
Thanks to all for the assistance. I adjusted the cable and then the derailleur (high and low) and got it into tolerance so I am now a happy camper. Of course it was quite an experience since I had never even tried it before (and did not have the cable puller so I had to use my hands). I can now enjoy all the gears and am much happier. I would have taken it back to the shop but since I am just starting out i bought a cheaper bike (from sears) and obviously the person who assembled it knew even less than I did (or maybe cared less?). Either way, it was good for me to get in there and learn how to do all the adjustments myself since now I am more comfortable with how it all works together.

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