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Improving side pull caliper brakes
I've got a reconditioned Raleigh Sprite with side-pull caliper brakes. I replaced the pads and cables. I've got good braking when the weather is dry but if rims are wet from a heavy dew or if I'm riding in the rain I've got almost no stopping power at all--and a big raspberry wound on my left knee to prove it!

Is there any way to improve braking when it's wet and/or raining?.

Thanks in advance.
You probably have steel chrome plated rims, braking in the wet was always a problem with these, softer pads might? improve it a little, but modern bikes have alloy rims and braking is much better on these, but if you can't afford or don't want to upgrade, you will have to adjust your riding to match your brakes.
When it's wet, it takes a rotation or so for the pads to wipe the water off the rim before you'll get any braking power. I like to very lightly ride the brakes as I approach any intersections or other areas where I am more likely to have to brake. That keeps the rims dryer and ready to brake. But you've always got to assume worse braking in the wet.

Note that if you do have steel rims there are pads that are designed specifically for them. Note sure if/how much better they work. But I know there is a difference in the material.

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