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New wheelset on an older bike
Quick questions guys and gals.

I have a 94 Bianchi and I was just wondering if i can fit a wheel that has a 9spd cassette on the bike?

thanks in advance

Maybe. Measure the dropout of the rear wheel on the bike. If its around 130mm, yes. If the drop out is a shorter distance, than maybe with some rearranging of the axle spacers. Measure the wheel you want to replace it with. Measure lock nut to lock nut on the axle.
You don't say what your existing set up or what type of bike, so advice is very difficult.
BUT, you will need to change everything if you are not already on a 9 speed.
Shifters, changers, chain, wheel, ask your self if it is worth it for probably no more usable gears than you have at the moment, read this;
I would guess that the old. on your ex wheel is much narrower than the old. on a 9 sp, and a 9sp old. cannot be reduced by swapping washers about. Do not spring your frame to fit a wider old. this can lead to stress fractures in the chainstays.
Also research this site for much info;

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