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Change track wheels to road wheels?
Hi I'm new to the forums and bikes in general so here is my question.

I've just bought a set of Zipp 404 wheels in great condition for a good price second hand but didn't realize they were track wheels until I paid for them (dumb thing to do hey!)Is it possible to change the hubs so that they will be compatible with my road bike as I race triathlons and don't want to have to go out and buy another set if I can convert them.

I will get somebody who knows what to do to do the conversion but don't want to look like a fool until I have to!
Any thoughts greatly appreciated. Cheers from the bear.
The front could be used as is though it probably has a bolt on instead of a quick release. That only matters for quick flat changing.

On the rear, you'd have to have the wheel completely re-laced to a new hub. Might be worth it for a higher end wheel. You will have the cost of the hub, labor, and maybe new spokes.

Finally, make sure that the rims are made to use with rim brakes. I don't know about the 404's, but some track wheel are built with rims that are not strong enough to have rim brakes used on them. If so, you're SOL. But probably not likely.

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