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Super Lube in the UK
Hi guys,

Does anyone know of any place in the UK that sells Super Lube Multi-Purpose Grease as shown in Alex's How to Choose the Right Lubricants video? Or any place in the US that will ship it to the UK (relatively cheaply!)

I particularly want the tub rather than the tube.

Or if not, are there any greases available in the UK that are just as good as this or similar?

Cheers kindly
used throughout the trade;
Hi all,

To anyone in the UK who wants to try Super Lube as their bicycle grease, here's a couple of links where you can order it from in the UK. For some reason it's marketed as a Loctite product over this side of the water -



No tubs/pails of it available but the 1st link is a 400g cartridge which is quite big.



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