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Sound while coasting + Freewheel slips
Hey all!

Have two issues with my rear wheel:

1. For a while now, there's a LOUD noise when I coast on my MTB (like gatak..gitak..gratak)..once every doesn't come when I move the pedal to one specific spot and Then coast (this spot differs everytime)..

When I remove the thin rod the wheel's on (pivot rod?) and at a certain distance out of the wheel, when the freewheel was still threaded on, there was absolutely no noise when I rotated the freewheel (this is similar to coasting right..?)! When I push it back it it makes noise again!

Most mechanics here say its a freewheel problem and as freewheels are just Not as cheap here as they are in the US/UK, I'd like a confirmation on that..

A bike mechanic said it could be the cone bearings being worn out..
Is this a possibility?

2. Well, I took out not only the freewheel but also Disassembled it (the place with the small ball bearings) mechanic put it back for me with a bit of was fine for a while (still noisy), but suddenly, on all gears, even though I'm pedaling and the freewheel's moving, the wheel isn't. I'm guessing the pawls as Sheldon calls them are takes a bit of up and down shifting to start up the bike..

What do I do about the noise and the freewheel slipping!?!?!

Thanks in advance for all the super help I'd get!


I've read Sheldon Brown's instructions on this..
If the freewheel doesn't catch when you pedal, that is definitely the pawls not catching. You can try to take it apart again, clean, lube, or spot any fixable damage. Otherwise, you pretty much have to replace it. I don't think you can get parts for a freewheel anywhere I've seen.

If the sound was from the bearing races (cones) it would probably make the sound whether you where pedaling or not. If you take the wheel off the bike and spin the axle by hand, does it feel smooth or rough? Best way to check is to take out the axle and visually inspect both the cones on the axle and cups in the wheel.
turn bike upside down and check wheel side to side free play. Spin it and listen for noise. free play or noise-bad or not adjusted bearings.
freewheel slipping- take it apart.

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