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How about upgrading freewheel to 9 from 6?
I measured dropout 138 mm, but I only have 6 sprocket freewheel.
According to this table 135 is enough for 9 sprocket freewheel (cassette):
What do i need to convert freewheel to cassette? Will I need new derailleur?
There are no 9 speed freewheels. And likely you have a freewheel, as there were very few 6 speed cassettes. Cheapest: purchase a new rear wheel, new cassette, new shifter, new derailluer and new cable - figure between $100- for very low end stuff, to around $500- for good stuff, and $1000- for the very good stuff.

I doubt that you have 138mm between the dropouts, maybe to the outside of the drop outs.
[Image: dropout001.jpg]
car5car. Your ruler appears to be backwards in this picture. You want to measure the space between the dropouts.
Left side of the ruler has mm scale.
Sorry. I did not see the dropout on that end of the ruler.
read this before you spend lots of dosh;
(04-14-2011, 07:46 AM)trevgbb Wrote:  read this before you spend lots of dosh;

Excellent article.

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