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Broken thread on left crank.
Hi Guys

I have a specialised rockhopper SL, the bottom bracket has been making a horrible crunching and squeaking noise, I have tried removing the cranks so I can inspect the bearing insert - the drive crank came off no problem but the left crank is stuck. It appears that the threads have been stripped from the left crank, as a result the crank puller won't bite.

Help! Do I have any hope of getting it off?

Thanks for your help.
I had a similar problem and the only solution was to goto LBS and they used a tool that looked like a forked tongue and put the prongs between crank and bottom bracket and giving a good hit with a hammer and the crank popped off
You can also try a gear puller. But you will have to find one where the center spindle is smaller than the diameter of the hole in the crank.
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