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Chain noise
I have an older 18 speed bike,that only when I'm riding, makes a noise that sounds like the chain is rubbing against the front derailer partially its a "tic tic tic" sound. When the bike is on the bench and you shift through the gears it's fine no noise, it only makes the sound when riding its driving me nuts! I gave up on it myself and took it to a reputable repair shop and had a "tune up" done, when i got it home and rode it the same sound began again a 1/2 block down the road any advise or answers? thanks!

I would try some light lubrication on the chain to start with.
Does it do it in all gears?
Are you sure it's the chain?
It could be pedals or bottom bracket!
I presume the noise stops if you stop pedaling?

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thanks cycler uk ! That "are you sure its the chain" thing got me thinking, after some study and awkward observation... while riding, the rear shifter cable would actually move against the crank sprocket when the shifter was first used... explaining how "it was perfect on the stand" but all it needed was some more cable supports and i'm cruisin with no noise. Thanks again, just another example of how this community helps each other out!

Great, Thank you for the feedback.

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