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Crank replacement compatability for Shimano TY 33A?
so im pretty new to this site and forums AND mtbing in general, still going thru my research and learn phase.. Just getting it out there.. and being such a beginner I decided to take bike maintenance into my own hands, and it ended in disaster.

Basically threaded my new pedals into my newly acquired '01 Norco wolverine incorrectly causing them to fall out stripping BOTH crank arm holes (yes i know...) leaving me with what seems to be few options. Since JB welding and this helicoil does not seem to be 100% trail reliable i want to replace just the drive side crank and both crank arms (not the bb hopefully to minimize costs).

Anyone know where i can buy this original ancient "Shimano TY 33A, 28/38/48 teeth” crank and arm set (can't find it anywhere) or maybe something (not tooo expensive) that would be somehow compatible?

There is more information here on the bike and stock parts, but the info seems limited..

Thanks guys, sorry for the novel..

P.S my local bike shop won't do helicoils..... no idea why.. he sent me to canadian tire to get it fixed. I laughed.
research the shimano site for compatibility, but this is a tourney chainset, I am surprised it is not readily available;

if you do fit another make, you will need to watch out for chain line issues.
Look at to try to find a compatible crank set if you cannot get an exact replacement.
We'll with your guys help and a bit more research I've found out it is a Shimano Tourney FC-TY33 set.... Now just to find it online to buy..

Thanks though for the help though and for such a quick response!!
If you are an ebay shopper here is a link that you may find what you need. You will need to research on shimano's website to see if one of these would be compatible.
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
this will fit:

note you need a crank puller tool:

to get the old cranks off without damaging the bottom bracket.
nice job Nigel, I cannot pick my nose for 25 bucks anymore
There are two kinds of people in the world, "Those who help themselves to people, and those who help people!"
Ty for the link nigel, great price for the part too on this site. These forums are awesome..

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