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Worn cones (in remote places)
Hi Guys

A bit of a random question. I am on a around the world trip on roadbike, trying to do it snappy, 8 months from Melbourne to Cork(Ireland). I am riding a standard issue 80's roadbike with the old Shimano 600 gearing, hubs and wheels.

One of the problems of using such an old bike, with some luggage is that things end up wearing down and breaking (or rusting). Spare parts are hard to get for these older bikes with 700c wheels, especially in places where I am now, China.

So here is my question, the cone on my rear axle on the non drive side is slightly worn. If I spin the wheel, I can feel the resistance. It's not too bad yet, I don't really notice it when I'm riding. I don't think I will be able to find replacement cones until I reach western Europe in about 10k km. Even a new 36 spoke hub and rim are also unavailable it seems. Does frequent replacing of the bearings and regreasing of the hub reduce the chances of the wheel becoming completely useless, or should I just keep riding until I grind to a halt? Are there any other solutions to slightly worn cones that I don't know off?

Thanks in advance
If you have the facilities then strip, clean, inspect, re-grease and adjust.
This should give you extra miles compared with doing nothing.
Chances are you may be able to get spare ball-bearings if yours are shot. Make sure you change all balls if you do.
Keep the old ones as well just in case.
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Ditto to what Cycler said. Clean and grease with a good waterproof grease. Get new ball bearings if you can and with a 800 grit wet sandpaper smooth out the cone as much as you can.

Most likely a new wheel will be needed as parts for old bikes are very rare, and many different components were and are used.

BTW-- Awesome trip, good luck.
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