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Possible to fit fork with 1" steerer to 1 1/8" head tube?
Hello! I'm wondering if it's possible to find a headset for an 1 1/8" head tube that will accept a 1" threadless steerer.
Does anyone know if such a headset exists?

Headset Reducers
These will go in the frame so you can use a 1" headset and 1" steerer on a 1-1/8" frame.
There are probably headsets that do the reduction without need for the extra parts as well if you search.
Thanks, Dave! I appreciate the link to Jenson, too. I'll do some searching now that I know some better terms to use.

Old thread, but i thought i'd Post for those still looking for a 1 1/8 steerer head for a 1" threaded frame.

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