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Bike making clinking sound when coasting
I have an early 90's Cannondale road bike that I bought used a year or two ago. It is making the clinking sound when I coast on it. It doesnt make any sound if I am off it and spin the wheel. I would have thought it was the wheel rubbing against the side of the frame, but it doesnt appear to be. Also the chain vibrate slightly when the clinking sound happens...
It definitely sounds like the rear wheel area. Also I removed the front derailleur since I never used the lower ring.
Thanks for any help.

sounds like the freehub or freewheel (depending on which you have) needs lubrication.
I'm guessing either one of the wheel bearings, but more likely it is the freehub. You could try flushing some oil through the freehub to see if it changes.
Its a freewheel...Cool I will try lubing it. Thanks!

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