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Chain/wheel/crank? issues
Hi all,
riding my mountain bike quite happily yesterday when suddenly noticed the wheel wasn't turning in conjunction with the pedals. When I dismounted I saw that the chain was still in place but when I turned the pedals there was no corresponding wheel turning - I know I haven't explained this very well but would appreciate some advice - I can give further info as required!
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take a close up pic of your rear cluster. it sounds like a freewheel/hub problem
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Hi too big apparently - can I email pics to you?
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Post on photobucket etc & link from there. Sometimes it's just gunked up works, even if it isn't, it should be cheap to fix
Here is a link to the pics
I was wondering if it was something to do with the drive system, seeing as the wheel goes round when the pedals turn but there's no resistance or acknowledgement of the gears.
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Your "freehub" has died. RIP
These are often replaceable, depending on your wheel, at a lot lower cost than replacing the whole rear wheel.
You can try getting some oil inside the freehub by laying the wheel on its side and dripping some oil in to it. But if it just gave out suddenly, most likely it's toast, time to replace.
Cheers guys,
have now removed freehub and ordered a replacement - wish me luck putting it back together! Thanks for all the advice/support.
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