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What frame is this?
Hi, I'm new to this forum so firstly: hello to all Smile
I bought the frame of unknown origin, and I am very curious if anyone could help me in finding the brand of the frame and tubes which can be built. The frame has a new paint so any hints from the original paint or stickers. It weighs about 2.4 kg so it is not the lightest. Dimensions are: 51cm from center to top (seat tube) 55cm center to center top tube, head tube 9,5 cm (top to bottom), the seat post diameter 26.2 mm, the diameter of the pipe at the entrance of seatpost 30.2 mm.
The frame has a few braze-ons which I hope will help in identification.




that is a long short (not tall) frame.

I am guessing mid 80s Japanese pre- or early MTB. It appears to be similar geometry to my SR Sierra Sport, which is 1982. But the lugs on your frame are nicer, and the cable stops very different. The rear brake cable guides look like Miyata (who made Univega and others).

The RD hanger looks bent, it is measureable and fixable with the right tools.
Thank you for your reply Smile
I forgot to add some details: wheel size 28/700
It is possible to push the rear wheel with the tire 700x32c but you have to squeeze them (but it works Smile
The rear drop out spacing is approximately 126mm.
I got the frame with wheels (amrosio elite rims, 6 gear regina freeweel, and Pelissier hubs)
Headset was ofmega (1 inch), Friko stem.
Of course, these components may not be original, but on the other hand, may be original.
I thought it was Road frame or cyclocorss.
Indeed, I thought it might be Miata or old (between 1975-1985) Italian / French.
Vintage Italian bikes have similar braze ons on bottom bracket and the top tube, and I've seen a few with similar proportions (long but shortSmile
I got a Specialized Sequoia 1982 (CrMo) that looks just like that, it may be from the same age..

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