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Work in progress: my girlfriend's retro build
This frameset + wheels is currently on the bedroom wall in my girlfriend's flat, hanging there artistically while the requisite additional components, tools and knowledge gradually accumulate.

[Image: ofFTeWRl.jpg]

The frame & forks are vintage Chas Roberts (South London frame maker) in Columbus tubing; the wheels (Ambrosio hubs, Halo Retro rims, DT Rev spokes) have also been assembled in South London, by Arup who is a local wheel builder.

Gruppo is Campag, mainly Athena given intersection of requirements: retro, pretty & shiny (decided by her) and light weight + plenty of gears (decided by me).

Nevertheless, I think I may yet be able to slip some carbon into the build... the handlebars will of course be mostly concealed, by cork or leather bar tape of course Wink
Awesome !!... What size frame is it ??
She is a beauty, keep us posted!
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(01-12-2014, 04:07 AM)!TREK4ME! Wrote:  Awesome !!... What size frame is it ??

Merci beaucoup! It's a very petite frame. The top tube and seat tube are about 50cm each if I remember correctly.

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