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Another project: weight weenie build
Hi all. Having finally imbibed enough knowledge (from this website & elsewhere) to brave the arenas of the bottom bracket, derailleur and headset, I've spent a few very pleasant hours this weekend putting together some of the various lightweight bits & pieces that I've been collecting over the last few months:

[Image: Qg8FR5ql.jpg]

Main components: Scott CR1 frame, Easton EC90 forks, Sram Red crankset and gears. Nearly everything is second hand, or other web bargains.

This will be the first bike I have built fully from the individual parts (excluding the wheels which I bought already built up and lightly used). I'm still looking for the handlebars, seatpost, stem and a few other fixtures & fittings, and it will be two or three weeks before the bike is ready to ride. However, it is already a rather good feeling having got this far with the project!
Congratulations on the progress so far! This promises to be a really nice bike you are putting together there.

(On the handlebars / seat post etc. if you go with the really light stuff (black gold... carbon) I would shy away from used parts...)

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