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Older Giant Acapulco Left crank arm falling off
Hello, I just got this bike. I paid 50 bucks which I thought was fair. It is a Giant Acapulco probably from the late 90s/early 2000s. The bike functioned well until today when I felt the pedal wobbling and the pedal fell off. So I was reading a few other forums and they said that the crank arm was most likely the problem. The nut also appears to be stripped. So my question is should I just go to a bike shop and get a new nut or should I just order a crank arm set off of ebay. Also if I order a crank arm off ebay which one should I get. I am looking to spend under 30 bucks for this since I am a broke college student who has a commutes 10 miles each day. Currently it has the stock crank arm.
no pictures => validity of answer is low.

I would purchase:

The new bolts because you said one was stripped; new BB for the same reason. Wobbly crank means that it is worn, and will always be wobbly.

You also need access to some bike tool, look for a co-op near you.

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